English Summary of Grant Application Form

1. Description

Bega and Timis that binds us

1.2 Location(s): Romania and Serbia, settlements from Timis county and Voivodina, located by Bega or Timis rivers

1.3 Amount requested from Ministry of European Integration/ European Agency for Reconstruction Serbia

1.4 Objectives

Overall objective:
Developing the attachment to the own region and creating a regional identity by pulling out the common elements.

Specific objectives:

1. Elaboration of concrete instruments that will achieve a better mutual knowledge about the people living on the other side of the borderline.

2. Increase of the interest and the level of knowledge for the different communities.

1.5 Justification

Provide the following information:

(a) relevance of the action to the objectives of the programme

All of the projects activities have the goal to a better knowledge of the neighbors and to develop long term partnerships. Mutual knowledge and respect – promoted during the whole project – are the elementary elements of the relations coherency between the local communities.

(b) relevance of the action to the priorities of the programme

During the project implementation 3 face to face meetings will take place: exposition, trip to Serbia, trip to Romania. The activities results will be mutual knowledge, development of regional identity and long term partnerships.

(c) relevance of the action to the target groups

The project activities, the realized volume and DVD containing the materials, will contribute to the attachment to the own region and the creation of a regional identity, and will increase the disposition to cooperate, to develop bilateral partnerships.

In case of complementary projects:
please provide the following additional information:

(d) brief description of the complementary project from the other side of the border

(e) short description of the relation between your project and the complementary project

1.6 Description of activities

Include the title and a description of each activity to be undertaken to produce the results, specifying the role of each partner (or subcontractors) in the activities.

1 Creation of the project implementation

Project preparing, promotion of the activities.
The responsibilities and the attributions of each member will be defined. A press campaign will take place in order to provide the regional mass-media with information about the project. The projects platform will be realized on the Foundations web page.

· Implementation team
· Activity plan
· Promovation of the project
· Projects platform on the Foundations web page

Partners role:
· The Partner with his own implementation team is participating at this activity.

2 Contactation of the participating settlements and preparing the materials

The settlements from Serbia are as follows:
· Located on the shore of the river Bega: Novi Itebei, Torac, Jitiste, Klek, Ecica, Lukino Selo, Belo Blato, Muzlja etc.
· Located on the shore of the river Timis: Iasa Tomici, Surian, Boca, Secani, Sarcia, Neizina, Botos, Tomasevat, Orlovat, Uzdin, Idvor, Farkajdin, Sacul, Baranda, Opovo, Sefkirin, Glogoli, Iabuka
The settlements from Romania are as follows:
· Located on the shore of the river Bega: Luncani, Românesti, Bethausen, Monostiur, Margina, Ghiroda, Otelec, Uivar, Bodo
· Located on the shore of the river Timis: Peciu Nou, Sag, Urseni, Cherevesu mare, Costei, Cruceni, Albina, Dragsina, Foeni, etc.

The local authorities, Community Centers, ONG’s of these settlements will be contacted to promote the project, and at least 20 settlements from the list above will be selected to participate in the project. In each settlement a contact person will be named.
From each settlement will participate 4 – 5 children between 10 – 15 years of age.
In this activity phase the target group has to create the materials: essay, pictures, drawings, paitings.

· Promovation of the project
· At least 20 participating settlements from the border region
· Obtaining the target group
· 80 – 100 participanting children
· 80 – 100 elaborated materials

Partners role:
· The Partner is participating at this activity by contacting and selecting the settlements from Serbia, by keeping the relation with the contact person, by guiding the target group.

3 Organization of the exposition

The exposition will be organized in Timisoara, during two days.
There will be invited 4 – 5 person/settlement, regional press and the implementation team.
This meeting will have two parts:
· Exposition
· Workshop

Exposition: Each group will expose their materials and present their settlements. The whole activity will be filmed, this material will be found on the projects DVD.
Workshop: During this workshop the settlements representatives will have the opportunity to discuss the common projects and activities, to share necessary contact data for ulterior collaboration: web pages, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and the addresses of their institutions.

The exposed materials will remain in Timisoara until the end of the project.

· Organized exposition
· 20 participating settlements from the border region
· About 100 participants at this meeting
· Workshop
· Stabilited contacts
· Electronic version of the exposition

Partners role:
· The Partner is participating to the exposition and workshop.

4 Publishing of the volume

The volume will contain every material. Each essay will be published in the author’s language. Translators will be contacted to realize a summary of each essay in the following languages: romanian, serbian and english.
In the volume each settlement will be presented by a short description, followed by a representative photo and the materials about these settlements.
The volume will be published in 2.000 copies.
The DVD will also be realized in this phase of the project.

· Final version of the volume
· 2.000 copies of the volume
· Projects DVD in 2.000 copies

Partners role:
· The Partner with his own experts participate to the finalization of the volume.

5 Bega - Timis Caravan

To disseminate the results the Bega – Timis Caravan will be organized. This includes two regional trips.
20 participants from Serbia will travel on the river shore visiting at least 5 settlements from Romania and vice-versa. The traveling group will be hosted by the participants and the local authorities from the visited settlements. Within these visits the projects results will be disseminated:
· The volume will be presented and handed over
· The DVD will be presented and handed over

· Bega – Timis Caravan
· Disseminating the results by presentation of the volume and the DVD
· At least 20 – 20 participants at the Caravan
· At least 5 – 5 visitated settlements

Partners role:
· The Partner is participating by the preparing an implementation of the Caravan.

6 Project evaluation

In the whole period of the implementation periodical evaluations will be realized.

· Intermediate and final reports.
Partners role:
· The Partner is not participating at this activity.

1.7 Methodology

Short description of:

(a) methods of implementation

- Project meeting with the implementation team
- Press campaign
- Creation of the projects platform on the Foundations web page
- Direct contacting of the settlements
- Preparing the material
- Organization of the exposition
- Proceeding the workshop
- Assurance of communication possibilities
- Condition assurance for the finalization of the volume
- Subcontract the publisher
- Multiplication of the projects DVD
- Organization of the Bega - Timis Caravan

(b) how the action is intended to build on a previous action (where applicable)

Not applicable.

(c) level of involvement and activity of other organizations (partners or others) in the action

· The Partner participate in contacting and selecting the settlements from Serbia
· Keeps the relation with the contact persons and guides the target group from Serbia
· The Partner is participating in the organization and implementation of the exposition and workshop
· The Partner participates with his own experts in the finalization of the volume
· The Partner participates in the preparing an implementation of the Caravan

(d) reasons for the role of each partner

These roles are justified by the partners professionalism in the elaborating of instruments like this volume, by the permanent opinion exchange. The partner will assure the permanent internal control.

(e) team proposed for implementation of the action (by function: there is no need to include the names of individuals here, except for the individuals in key position who’s CVs must be attached - see the Annex F for a template)

Project Manager (dr. Bodo Barna) – 12 months
Assistant manager (Schwarz Katalin) – 12 months
Financial manager (Kása Zsolt) – 12 months
Coordinator of the Romanian group (Erdei Ildiko) – 7 months
Coordinator of the Serbian group (Balanyi Sándor) – 7 months

1.8 Duration of the action 12 months

Year 1
Semester 1 Semester 2
Activity Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Implementing organism
1. Creation of the project implementation Diaspora Foundation and Partner
2. Contactation of the participating settlements and preparing the materials Diaspora Foundation and Partner
3. Organization of the expozition Diaspora Foundation and Partner
4.Publishing of the volume Diaspora Foundation and Partner
5. Bega - Timis Caravan Diaspora Foundation and Partner
6. Project evaluation Diaspora Foundation

2. Expected results

2.1 Expected impact on target groups

Indicate how the action will improve:

(a) the situation of target groups

In this border region there barley exist common activities and collaborations. Through the project provided knowledge the target group will handle the common regional problems, which will contribute to the development of local – regional identity. The herewith created cross-border relationships will contribute to long term collaboration and cross-border partnerships.

(b) the technical and management capacities of target groups or partners (where applicable)

Even when this project does not handle managerial skills, the projects actions will involve a managerial part: open minded approach of the neighbors, change of mentality, development of the regional identity and vision.

2.2 Short-and long-term impact

Please distinguish between the following three dimensions of the short and long-term impact:

(a) The financial aspect (how will activities be financed when the grant ends?)

After the projects completion the Foundation will assure the future functionality of the projects platform on the web page, which contains the relevant data about the participant localities.

(b) Institutional level (Will structures allowing the activities to continue be in place at the end of the action? Will there be local "ownership" of action outcomes?)

The existing structures will exist further:
· Such volumes can be realized with other subjects, keeping the regional concept
· New fraternities between the border settlements
· The Foundations web page will provide any information about the project

Local ownership:
· Volume

(c) Policy level (What structural impact will the action have - e.g. will it lead to improved legislation, codes of conduct, methods, etc?)

The projects structural impact will, first of all, be realized on social level. It will lead to a different approach of cross-border relationships.